Bomber Commander, the new Android game
Bomber Commander, the new Android game

You have to command planes to bomb tanks to protect the village.

Tanks come from all angles and you have command the planes to drop bombs in the right places to protect the buildings.

There are 32 campaign levels, 6 survival levels. Multiplayer levels are coming soon.

Complete each campaign level to advance to the next one, but in survival mode the tanks will just keep coming, and the aim is to protect the village for as long as possible. Challenge your mates to head-to-head action in multiplayer and see who can protect their village the best!

There are 5 types of plane to control, each with different abilities

Small Plane
Drops a small single bomb at the selected target

Bomber Plane
Drops a line of bombs along a targetted route

Mine Plane
Drops a line of mines along a targetted route

Medium Plane
Drops a number of bombs covering a large around around the selected target

Large Plane
Drops a large bombs covering a big around around the selected target

There are 4 types of tank which will try to destroy the village

Standard type of tank

Light Tank
A smaller tank that is faster but has a less powerful attack

Artillery Tank
A tank with a longer range attack

Heavy Tank
A large tank that has more health but moves slower

Small Ship
A small ship used on sea levels

Large Ship
A larger ship that has more health

A submarine that travels underwater to avoid mines and bombs